Solid Rubber Refuse Bins & Lids

We launched, and continue to manufacture, the 85 litre Refuse Bins & Lids  since the early 1970’s and  they have become an established product throughout South Africa and across the border.

Our Refuse Bins & Lids comply with SABS C.K.S. Specifications (C.K.S.159 1971 as amended 1973) Sturdy Construction.

They have completely integrated sturdy rubber handles. They can be used with or without bin liners.

The dimensions of our Refuse Bins are: Average Diameter of 384 mm, Depth of 623mm and Capacity of 85 Litre.

Our Refuse Bins & Lids are 100% locally manufactured using recycled rubber at our factory in Boksburg and are extremely price competitive and durable against other plastic and metal refuse bins