Solid Rubber Vehicle/Car Mats

We launched and have been manufacturing our solid rubber vehicle/car mats since the early 1970’s.

The quality and the diamond patterned front of our mats have become so established and trusted in the automotive industry that local importers have sourced overseas manufacturers to copy the exact specifications and pattern of our mats!

We manufacture 3 sizes : Large (600mm x 400mm), Medium (540mm x 360mm) and small (430mm x 300mm)

We stress that our mats are still locally manufactured using 100% locally sourced recycled materials AND South African labour and they are still of the same quality which established their reputation and popularity in the market place.

 These rubber diamond patterned mats are 100% locally manufactured using recycled rubber at our factory in Boksburg and they are extremely price competitive , even as against the copied/imported products.