Solid Rubber Speed Bumps

We invented and launched this unique pyramid-shaped speed bump in the early 1990s.

Our speed bumps are manufactured utilising high abrasion resistant rubber and are “elastic” at the lower recommended speeds and vehicle shocks are thus largely absorbed.
At higher speeds, our product responds as a semi-rigid material and results in a cautionary “bump”.

As such, our units are extremely vehicle and user friendly at the lower recommended speeds but will result in a “wake-up” call at higher speeds.
After extensive studies, we designed our product to dimensions which result in a “traffic calming” affect rather than a “traffic jolting” affect.
Please be aware of similar products on the market which are not embossed “Rand Rubber” –
We can only guarantee the quality of our own products which are made from solid rubber and have been shaped and sized to ensure that they are as effective as possible as a traffic calming tool, without causing damage to vehicles.

Typical applications for the rubber speed bumps include public roads, shopping complexes, car parks, hotel and hospital drive ways, townhouse complexes, school, factories, business parks, security fenced residential estates etc. i.e.: any area where traffic calming is required.
Each solid rubber speed bump is anchored to the substrate using 4 x 100mm long Excalibur Screw bolts ensuring permanent fixture to the road surface of asphalt, concrete, brick/cement, paving etc. The rubber speed bumps can be removed and replaced for road repairs, etc.
Under normal traffic densities, a staggered two row installation is usually adequate to achieve the necessary calming results, but for high traffic/pedestrian volumes, narrow road widths and inclines, a staggered three row configuration can be considered.
These rubber speed bumps are 100% locally manufactured using recycled rubber at our factory in Boksburg and they are extremely price competitive against all other traffic calming devices.